Property Sales - Ownership that makes sense!

Ownership that makes sense

The Crane has special appeal for purchasers who want to minimize their lifetime ownership costs and maximize their financial returns. We offer unequalled value in both the up-front purchase price and annual expenses. Our rental pool has been profitable after all expenses, even in the toughest of economies... and we offer an above average opportunity for capital appreciation. In a word – Smart!

The primary benefit of owning a share of a residence vs. the whole has always been that you can enjoy the same “second home” lifestyle of a whole ownership purchaser with a much smaller investment. As an owner, you pay a fraction of hotel rates, with the resulting savings paying for the ownership interest.

At Crane Resorts, we offer two distinct options to suit your vacation lifestyle: Portfolio membership or Home Resort Membership.

Portfolio Membership

Inherently flexible, Crane Portfolio membership enables you to tailor your vacations to your changing needs, Yu are not tied to a fixed residence and week; instead, you can choose where and when you travel, as well as the type of accommodation. The size of the ownership interest is expressed as a number of “Crane Points”, which may be exchanged for accommodation. Crane Points are backed by free and clear title held by the Trustee ( You can start with a package of 1,000 Crane Points and purchase more in 500 point increments.

Home Resort Membership

For people who want to return to their home away from home every year, we offer a fixed week ownership with the flexibility of using Crane Points as needed. The residences come fully furnished with all fixtures and fittings included.

Every benefit of our Portfolio Membership is yours to use by exchanging your fixed week residence for Crane Points any year. For Home Resort Members owning 4 weeks or more, we offer the further benefit of profit sharing in our attractive resort rental pool:

  • Take a vacation from paying your annual fees: our rental pool has covered all running costs and produced a profit every year since 2003.

To arrange a private tour and learn more, visit the Property Sales office in The Village any day from 10:00am to 4:00pm, or email us at