Design Updates at Beach Houses

Many of you who were with us in recent months marveled at the stunning design of the recently completed Beach Houses Model Home - and told us how we could make it even better! Our Design team has risen to the occasion and has made a number of design changes based on your feedback, that will not only improve the aesthetic of the design going forward but the functionality as well. The key changes are listed below:


  1. "Lock-off" Door Position
    The "lock-off" door has now been relocated to the Entry Foyer to enhance privacy between the studio and the main residence. Both entrance doors are now side by side. Owners' storage has been consolidated into one single room directly off the entrance doors. The entire front door and opening will be louvered to increase cross-ventilation.
  2. Master Bathroom Layout
    The tub in the Master Bathroom has been re-oriented to face out into the garden. The tub will now be facing into the garden. The tub will now be a "drop-in" type - similar to typical tub at The Crane. The outdoor showers of both the main residence and the "lock-off" studio have been removed. Instead, a pool shower will be installed next to the utility building/barbeque area. The garden outside the bathroom will now be private and only accessible through the bathroom through the bathroom.

    Artist Rendering of re-oriented tub in Master Bathroom

  3. Bedroom Layout
    In the both the Master Bedroom and Studio, the bed has been re-oriented to the opposite wall within the recessed wall and windows have been placed on either side of the bed. In the Studio bedroom, the re-orientation of the bed vastly improves the view on entering the unit. Closet/hanging storage has also been added to the vanity.


    Artist Rendering of re-oriented Master Bedroom


  • Artist Rendering of re-oriented Studio Bedroom


  1. Living room Vanity
    Closet/Hanging storage has been added to the vanity for persons using the pull-out sleeper.


    Artist Rendering of additonal storage in living room

  2. Utility Building
    The utility/bbq building is now centred on the boundary wall so that both the main and studio gardens will show a "bump" in the wall, albiet a much smaller bump than exists on the main garden of the Model Home presently.


Other notable changes/improvements include:


  • Skylights have been added to the Main Kitchen over the island.


    Artist Rendering of skylights in the Kitchen


  • A larger skylight will be placed within the Powder Room over the shower.


  • The Studio aprtment has been fitted with a washer/dryer combination.


  • The Studio doors have been configured to make the opening to the garden more expansive by the removing the wall immdeiately opposite the bathroom door.


  • The green roof surface area has been increased.


  • Drapes will be used for privacy/darkness instead of the mini-blinds within the windows.

NB: All Artist Renderings are subject to change.