5 Unique Facts about Barbados

Barbados is an exciting and vibrant island with rich culture and history. Here are 5 unique facts about Barbados we bet you didn’t know!


  • Though not prominent anymore, a long time ago people would travel from all over the world to come to Barbados for its healing properties. The person seeking healing would be cover from the neck down in the sands of Cattlewash Beach in St. Andrew. This sand treatment was believed to cure a wide variety of illnesses. Eventually over time the popularity of this treatment waned.


  • Barbados exports $57 million worth of rum across the world every year!


  • There is a Lord Nelson statue in Bridgetown’s Trafalgar Square that was erected in 1813 that predates the Lord Nelson statue found in London, England!


  • Barbados is known as the land of the flying fish, no coincidentally, half of the nation’s national dish is also flying fish (the other half is cou-cou)!


  • Last but not least, every Barbadian knows that it is good luck to have a mongoose cross the street in front of you!


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