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A Barbadian legend since 1887, and the oldest operating hotel in the Caribbean, The Crane Resort effortlessly marries the old-world charm of its past to all the 21st-century amenities and services expected by today’s most discerning travelers.

Enviably located within The Crane Resort, The Crane Private Residences is perfect for long-term island living, offering contemporary residences and penthouses as well as exclusive access to world-class resort amenities and services.

A secluded, low-density development overlooking Barbados’ Skeete’s Bay Beach and Culpepper Island, Beach Houses has been specially designed to highlight the property’s exclusive location on the 1% of land remaining outside of the island’s protected East Coast. *Please note that Beach Houses is Under Development

Encore Residence Club by Crane Resorts is a select community of residence owners who enjoy exclusive access to a lifetime of luxury vacation and second-home experiences, worldwide.

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5 Must See Barbadian Attractions

So you’ve booked your trip to Barbados, but you want to escape outside the resort. What does the beautiful island of Barbados have to offer? We’re glad you asked! While it was nearly impossible to narrow down our favourite locations throughout the island, here are 5 MUST SEE Barbadian attraction

Harrison’s Cave

Considered to be one of Barbados’ greatest wonders, Harrison’s Cave is a beautiful crystalized limestone cavern in the heart of Saint Thomas Parish! The cave is named after Thomas Harrison, a man who owned much of the area in the early 1700s. Though it was discovered in the 18th century, exploration of the cave remained minimal until the 1970’s because the natural entrances to the cave were largely obstructed making it nearly impossible to enter. In the mid 1970’s the cave was rediscovered and by 1981 the cave officially opened as a tourist attraction! A massive cave stream, it spans at least 2.3km and has an interior temperature of around 27 degrees Celsius.  The largest cavern is known as the Great Hall and measures a whopping 50ft high! A great tourist option for families and couples alike!

Hunte’s Gardens

Located in the beautiful hills of St. Joseph’s, Hunte’s Gardens were created by renowned horticulturist, Anthony Hunte. What makes these gardens truly extraordinary is that they are located in the center of Barbados rainforest in an almost sinkhole-like gully. The gardens boast everything from sunny foliage to dark and dense jungle. What’s more is that you have the great fortune of witnessing some of Barbados most unique and precious wildlife in their natural habitat. Oftentimes the owner and founder himself can be found on the premises and will regale tourists of stories and useful information. Muster up your inner horticulturist and spend an afternoon at Hunte’s Gardens!

The S.S. Stavronikita

If you’re of an adventurous heart, this may just be the attraction for you! The S.S. Stavronikita was a Greek freighter that was intentionally sunk in order to create an artificial reef in the 1970s. After all these years, the wreck site is now home to numerous fish and corals! Among the coral you can find sargent majors, tangs, blue cromis barracudas, mackerels and even turtles! The diving experience is an average depth of 70ft with a maximum depth of 100ft. If you’re up to it, this is not an experience to be missed!

St. Nicholas Abbey

Located in the parish of St. Peter and built in 1658, St. Nicholas Abbey is one of three genuine Jacobean mansions remaining in the world! If you’re an architecture lover or history buff, this is a site that’s not to be missed! To an another layer of tragedy and intrigue, a historical Barbados website tells that, “The house appears to have been built by Colonel Benjamin Berringer. His neighbour, friend and business partner was John (later Sir John) Yeamans. When Yeamans began to pay attention to Mrs. Berringer, a feud erupted between Yeamans and Colonel Berringer, culminating in a duel in which Berringer was killed. Soon afterwards, Sir John married Mrs. Berringer and claimed the Abbey. A court ruling later returned the property to Berringer's children and the property was named after Berringer's granddaughter who married George Nicholas. Meanwhile, Sir John and Berringer's widow left Barbados in 1669 and helped found the colony that is South Carolina, USA, with Sir John eventually becoming Governor of that settlement in 1672.” Spend a day with your loved ones admiring this slice of history!

Mount Gay Rum Tour

One of the most special things about Barbados is being home to the world’s oldest rum, which in turn, is an integral part of Barbadian history. The Mount Gay Rum Tour gives you the unique opportunity to see production of rum and all about the refining, ageing, blending and bottling process. Mount Gay offers a variety of tours including, a Cocktail Tour and a Bajan Buffet Lunch Tour! For the rum lover in you, don’t forget to visit the gift shop on your way out!

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