DIY Wedding Favor Trends 2015

The cost of weddings can really add up, that’s why it’s great to create things yourself when you can! One area of your wedding that calls for lots of fun DIYs is in the wedding favors! Even if you’re having a destination wedding, small favors are easily packed and can really help to cut on costs!



Having a destination wedding? Can you imagine a sight more beautiful than all of your guests lighting up sparklers just after dusk? Neither can we! An incredibly inexpensive option that will look gorgeous (and also allow for some awesome photos)!



Hangover First Aid Kit

If you’re expecting your guests to indulge in maybe one too many libations, they’ll probably appreciate this! Feel free to add your own items and ideas, our suggestion for contents include:

  • Advil for headaches aches and pains
  • Bandages for those blistered feet after dancing all night!
  • Mouthwash
  • Sunglasses to hide tired eyes
  • Eye drops to help get rid of redness and puffiness
  • Gatorade
  • Energy bar


Travel Tag

To thank your guests for jetting off to wherever your exotic destination may be, why not reward them with a personalized luggage tag!



Spice Things Up!

If you’re up for a really creative option, why not bottle your own hot sauce? Try out this awesome hot sauce recipe to make your creative and spicy wedding favor. Add a personal touch by bottling the sauce creatively by making your own labels!



Pinecone Fire Starters

Your guests have seen your flame spark now encourage their own! The cool little pinecones essentially double as a candle! Check out this awesome (and easy) DIY!



Bird Seed Heart

A beautiful way to express your thanks and invite nature into the lives of your guests is these charming birdseed hearts! Not only are they a sweet gift, they’re eco-friendly too! Check out this great DIY for making your own birdseed hearts!

Have you made any awesome DIY wedding favors? Share your ideas in the comments below! If you’re booking a wedding in the future, remember us at The Crane and our award-winning beach!