7 Travel Resolutions to Make (and Keep) for 2016

There's no time quite like the eve of a new year to make resolutions. We all make the customary list: 1.) Join a gym 2.) Lose weight 3.) Work less and 4.)Travel more. Sounds familiar? Well, here at The Crane, we've done you the favour of putting together a manageable (and feasible) list of travel resolutions you should make and keep in 2016:

In 2016, resolve to____________


Visit somewhere new

There are 196 countries in the world. Resolve to visit at least one of them during the course of 2016. Be realistic of course, but careful planning and budgeting from now, can ensure that you spend next winter or summer on the sunny shores of Barbados.


Invest in your travel budget

If travel is your priority for 2016, start the year right by saving a percentage of your salary each month to travel on. Create a travel piggy bank and make a habit to add to it daily - spare change adds up!


Pack lightly

Less is more. Lugging a heavy suitcase (or two) around the airport is not the most desirable start to the vacation you've planned so long for. Ditch the 20-odd pairs of shoes and pack only the essentials - bathing suits and flip flops. You'll thank us later.


Plan a family vacation

Even though it won't be easy with everyone's conflicting schedules, make it a priority to get your entire family together for a relaxing Caribbean vacation. Kids will love the surf and adults will love the cocktails!



Get lost

You are on vacation! Give in to the moment and get lost. There's no vacation experience quite as authentic or rewarding as discovering a local watering hole or historic building all on your own.


Capture more memories

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas Day are not so distant memories. That new GoPro or iPhone 6s should come in pretty handy during your upcoming travels. Make sure you start practicing from now so your Barbados vacation captures are the envy of all your friends.


Travel more sustainably

Traveling responsibly and sustainably means planning ahead, giving back where you can, conserving natural resources, supporting the local culture, and making a positive impact on each destination visited. Take it seriously - sustainable travel ensures that those vacation destinations we visit will be around for generations to enjoy.


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