Beach Update - January 2016

We've been busy getting Crane Beach back to its pristine condition and even better than before!



Seaweed Boom

The Seaweed Boom - our long-term and environmentally sustainable solution to the Sargassum problem - was installed in late-October with some success. Following the installation however, we encountered a few challenges with the connectors. We have therefore removed the Boom to be further retrofitted. Crane Beach is relatively clear of Sargassum at present and if historical patterns hold, we will have a solid window of opportunity to properly test and ratify the Boom prior to the annual period typically associated with increased Sargassum.



About Sargassum Seaweed

While by no means a new phenomenon, the recent surge in Sargassum seaweed has the potential to impact the island’s fragile eco-system. Acting Deputy Director of Barbados’ Coastal Zone Management Unit, Fabian Hinds explained, “A small amount of seasonal seaweed that comes ashore from the Sargasso Sea is a natural part of life in the Caribbean. However, in relatively recent times we have experienced an increase in growth due to an imbalance of nutrients and increasing ocean temperatures. Long-term mechanical removal has the potential to impact the health of our beaches. We therefore see the Crane boom as an important pilot project in which a private entity is working to intercept the seaweed before it reaches our shores, so we can maintain the island’s natural beauty.


How it works

The innnovative boom will float one meter below the surface – enough to stop the seaweed without disrupting marine life. It is expected the boom will positively impact neighbouring beaches as well, including Foul Bay to the South.


Beach Bathroom Facilities

The construction of bathrooms on Crane Beach has been completed. Now you can enjoy easy access to washroom faciliies while lounging on the best beach in the Caribbean!

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Looking ahead

With Crane Beach now beautifully restored, guests can easily access one of the world’s best beaches by glass elevator and enjoy tropical cocktails and light grilled meals at The Grove Bar & Grill as well as complimentary umbrellas, lounge chairs and beach service.