Planning Your Dream Holiday to Barbados

Barbados is what dreams are made of. Constant sunshine, sandy beaches, and friendly people make this island destination a must-visit for sun-seeking holiday makers. For those wishing to visit this beautiful island, check out The Crane’s Ultimate Guide to Planning a Dream Holiday in Barbados:

Where to Stay in Barbados?

The first step in planning your Barbados vacation is finding a suitable place to stay. The island’s accommodation is extremely varied with options available to suit any taste and budget. But, if relaxation is what you seek on your Barbados dream holiday - The Crane Resort is the perfect choice!

Located off the beaten path on the island’s South East coast, this Barbados resort is perfect for those who simply wish to get away from it all while enjoying luxurious accommodation and world-class amenities and services.

What to Do in Barbados?

From lounging on the island’s amazing beaches (and Barbados boasts one of the best in the world) to swimming with the turtles during a catamaran cruise, you’ll never run out of things to do in Barbados.

The island serves as the picturesque backdrop to a packed calendar of exciting sporting events, music festivals, concerts and carnivals. There is also a long list of attractions to visit and enjoy including Harrison’s Cave, Hunte’s Gardens and St. Nicholas Abbey among many others.

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What to Bring When Visiting Barbados?

Be sure to pack for Barbados’ year-round sunny weather:

Swimsuits and flip-flops: You’ll be hitting the beach almost daily.
Sunblock and sunglasses: The hot sun can be daunting for the uninitiated – be prepared!
Camera/Mobile Phone: You’ll need a device capable of capturing all the memories.
Valid Driver’s License: There is no better way to discover the island than to rent a car and get lost (with a guide of course).


Special Offers:

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