How to Travel with Just a Carry-on

Lighten up! You are going on a long overdue vacation. Now is the time you should be shedding extra baggage. If you are ready to travel lightly and save on airline fees, check out The Crane’s complete guide to travelling with just a carry-on:


Make a list. Rationalise what you should and shouldn’t take on your trip. Start with clothing and work your way through to electronics etc. Get creative while making your list by identifying smaller, lighter items that can produce the same result as your bulkier items. E.g. replace your DSLR camera with your mobile phone to capture those special vacation memories.

The Bare Essentials

The golden rule of packing is “take what you need, leave what you don’t”. The likelihood is that everything else can be bought when you get to your vacation destination. Your list of the bare essentials should include:

1 pair of comfortable shoes

1 jacket

2 - 3 pairs of  bottoms

3 - 5 tops

5 pairs of underwear

Be sure to choose a hotel that allows you to pack lightly. Hallmarks of such hotels include in-room laundry facilities and on-site convenience shopping.



Space is limited in a carry-on – be economical in how you pack. Once you’ve got it down to the bare essentials, consider tightly rolling your clothes into compact bundles. This technique allows for much tighter packing and allows you to fit even more items in the suitcase!

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