Dine Around The Crane: The Carriage House

With its spectacular views of cascading waterfalls and the turquoise Atlantic Ocean, it’s difficult to accept that over a century ago, this beautiful stone structure’s sole purpose was once the stabling of horses transporting important guests to the island’s premier lodging – “Crane Beach Hotel.”

Today’s guests of The Crane Resort are every bit as important as their century old counterparts, but you wouldn’t suspect this from simple observation. Flip flops, shorts, swimsuits and sundresses are the order of the day in this casual poolside restaurant.

Of The Crane’s quite varied dining options, The Carriage House is arguably the most fun to visit – daily! Crane fixtures Jason and Susan greet you upon entrance with the typical Bajan greeting, “Welcome guys! What can I get you to drink today?”

Swiftly seated and with your drink order taken, you are left to your own devices. It’s easy to lose yourself in the splendour around you but before you know it, the enticing smells from the grill bring your attention back to the menu.

The choice is daunting: should you get an 8 oz Sirloin Steak grilled to perfection or remember the diet you committed to pre-vacation and choose the healthier option of a wrap of Balsamic Marinated Grilled Vegetables?

Compromise is the key! The Shrimp Kebabs are the perfect blend of the health conscious and the deliciously sinful. Menu returned and pleasantries exchanged with Susan, you are once again entertained by the passage of like-minded guests making their way into the restaurant or to one of the many surrounding pools.


Shrimp Kebabs at The Carriage House

Your lunch arrives and it is better than anything you could have dreamed of – a generously portioned carnival of colours. The sweet salad perfectly balances the spice of your fire grilled shrimp and vegetables – an explosion of flavours.

At night, dinner at The Carriage House redefines casual dining with an unparalleled ambiance and an even more delectable BBQ menu.  Surely you can’t get any closer to the moon!

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Opening Hours:

Open daily for drinks from 10:00AM to 6:00PM.
Lunch is served from NOON to 5:00PM.
BBQ nights - Thursdays and Saturdays ONLY 6:00PM - 10:00 PM.