Best Choices for a Trendy Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are growing in popularity. There is no denying the simple beauty and elegance of these types of weddings. To aid in your planning, The Crane has made a list of guidelines for planning a beach wedding.

Dress Appropriately

Beach weddings are beautiful, but they are also windy! In keeping with the easy-going, relaxed nature of the beach, you should dress accordingly. Choose flowing maxi or midi dresses to be in sync with the waves and stray away from the normal body-con dresses. Opt for lighter fabrics such as linen, cotton and silk.


Heels plus sand equals a sinking bride and bridal party - a big no-no for your big day. The downside of wearing pumps and other enclosed shoes is that you will have uncomfortable sand-filled shoes. Ladies can choose to wear a pair of classy sandals, in keeping with the tropical chic dress code. Men should opt for sleek loafers. This guarantees that everyone is comfortable, but most importantly, they all look great! Some wedding parties, even choose to wear no shoes!

Wedding Time

Perhaps having a wedding at midday is not such a good idea. This is when the sun is its hottest and can prove to be uncomfortable for guests. Instead, choose between early morning or afternoon, when temperatures are not as high and you are kissed with cooling breezes.


When choosing decorations, keep the warm but windy weather in mind. If you are maintaining a tropical theme, choose your favourite flowers or flowing fabrics to dance in the wind. Opt for a light or bright colour scheme. Refrain from using too many dark colours. The Crane has an onsite wedding coordinator who is willing to work with you to make your dreams become a reality.


Your wedding photographs capture memories to last a lifetime and it is important to choose a beach which is as beautiful as the wedding you want to be remembered forever. Keep in mind the many photographs for your wedding album memories and ensure that the location has picturesque views for your happy day. The Crane Beach is popularly known for its breathtaking views.

Ready to plan your trendy beach wedding at The Crane? Contact us to begin your wedding planning process.