10 Wise Bajan Sayings

If you’ve ever traveled to Barbados or spoken to a Barbadian, you’ve probably heard them ask “Wa gine on?” at some point, which is the equivalent to “What’s up?” or “How have you been?”. Bajan (Barbadian) dialect is as beautiful and rich as the country’s culture and history.

Bajan sayings are a combination of the African and European influences on the island and although they might make you chuckle, they usually have profound meanings. Here is a list of 10 popular Bajan sayings and their meanings:

1. “Hard ears yuh won't hear, own way you gine feel.”

Meaning: You should adhere to advice or you will end up feeling the negative effects.

2. “Cat luck ain dog luck.”

Meaning: Because something works for one person, doesn’t mean it will work for another.

3. “Every bush is a man.”

Meaning: Always be aware of what you say because people are always listening whether you realise it or not.

4. “De devil does find work fa idle hands.”

Meaning: People who have nothing to do generally find themselves in trouble.

5. “God don come, he’s send.”

Meaning: Help always comes when you need it and least expect it.

6. “If greedy wait, hot will cool.”

Meaning: Patience is important and will be rewarded.

7. “Evah pig got a Saturday.”

Meaning: Eventually everyone will have to pay for his actions.

8. “Don’t tek a six for a nine.”

Meaning: Try not to misjudge the true intentions of a person.

9. “Yuh got plaster fuh evah sore.”

Meaning: You have an excuse for every issue.

10. “Every fool got he sense.”

Meaning: Every person is good at something.

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