8 Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding

Planning a wedding is exciting but also can be a stressful time in a couple’s lives. Planning a destination wedding can be a bit more intense than usual. The Crane has shared eight tips on planning for a destination wedding.

1. Research

It is important to make a short list of destinations which are options and do extensive research on each. Since this is a wedding which requires travel, you must think about factors such as accessibility, the country’s entry requirements, weather, vendors, hotels for guests and if it matches what you’ve envisioned for your perfect wedding.

2. Destination Choice

Your eventual destination choice and location after your research should be meaningful to you. But remember the importance of making a choice with all the resources you require for your big day.

3. Take Your Guests into Consideration

We know that being surrounded by those you love is important on your wedding day. Where possible, try to give your guests ample notice of the wedding, so they will have enough time to decide if they can afford the costs of tickets and accommodation or how much they must save. Try to put everyone in a reasonable hotel and remember, you get better rates the earlier you book!

4. Budget & Save

By now, you should have an idea of the elements you want to include in the ceremony and reception and should at least have ballpark figures for products and services. It is important for you both to save and budget in advance with the goal of having your dream wedding in mind.

5. Hire A Planner

Planning from a distance can be challenging, so having someone on the ground handling planning on your behalf is extremely helpful. If this is not in your budget, choose a resort like The Crane Resort which actually has wedding coordinators to help with the seamless planning.

6. Visit Before the Wedding

You’ve most likely visited your destination choice before, but at least 3 months before the wedding, take a trip to the location to view the site and finalize any outstanding details. Take this time to meet chosen vendors and go over any ideas or concerns with you planner or coordinator. If this trip isn’t an option for you, try to get to the destination at least 1 week before the wedding date, to ensure everything goes according to plan.

7. Research Marriage Requirements

Different destinations have varying laws and requirements for legal marriage including the number of witnesses, marriage license applications, residency requirements and so on. Ensure that this is thoroughly researched so you have everything legally required for your union.

8. Choose A Dress Which Complements the Destination

It is always best to choose a dress which is inspired by the location. Depending on the location type, you should consider things such as the choice of fabric, colour, dress length and style, shoes and most importantly, transportability. By combining all of these location features with your personal style, this would result in the perfect wedding dress for you.

Interested in planning a destination wedding at The Crane Resort or Crane Beach, Barbados? The resort has onsite Wedding Coordinators to help you plan your dream wedding. Contact us to begin your planning.