The Crane's 1st Mix Master Competition

It was a LOUD evening in Bar 1887 this August as the final four pulled out all the stops to see who would become the Crane's 1st Mix Master. Guests and staff were on hand to enjoy the fierce competition among Peter Lloyd from Carriage House, Orwin Findlay, Carl Henry and Marlon Alleyne from Bar 1887.

Each bartender came with his personal bag of tricks and treats and the massive crowd saw a wonderful display of skill and creativity.

First up was veteran bartender, Peter Lloyd and his cocktail “Simplicity”. He was there to prove that some folks like their drinks nice and easy. Next was newcomer Orwin Findlay and his “Love Potion”. Always one to get the party started, Orwin got the crowd involved as he danced, clapped and promised that they would fall in love with his drink. However, it was clear that Carl was the crowd favourite. Drawing on the hype from the recently held Rihanna concert, his mixture was called “The LOUD Cocktail”. He truly drew inspiration from the Bajan beauty with his flair as he ensured that the blend was “shaken not stirred”. Last but by no means least, was the turn of the baby in the group, Marlon Alleyne and his “Desert Rose”. He was there to educate and entertain the crowd as he muddled fruit to extract the true flavour for his cocktail creation.

The bartenders were judged on accuracy, technique, taste, presentation and adherence to health and safety guidelines. When the scores were tallied, 101 points ensured that Carl Henry walked away with the title of the Crane's 1st Mix Master. Along with the title, he was awarded a weekend escape for two, inclusive of breakfast and two lunch tours from sponsors Mount Gay Rum. First runner up was Marlon Alleyne. He received a dinner voucher for two. Second runner up Peter Lloyd and third runner up Orwin Findlay both received vouchers from Serenity Spa.

In the photo from left: Winner, Carl Henry with The Loud Cocktail, 4th Place, Orwin Findley with The Love Potion, 3rd Place Peter Lloyd with Simplicity and 2nd Place, Marlon Alleyne with Desert Rose