5 Reasons to Invest in Fractional Ownership


Have you ever dreamed of a vacation home in the Caribbean? Fractional Ownership at The Crane offers just that without all of the hassles of a maintaining a home, at a fraction of the price of outright ownership.


The Crane has been awarded the AAA 4 Diamond Award every year since 2008, proving its reputation of quality beachfront accommodations, with luxury restaurants and amenities. Residences are fully furnished, blending 19th century grandeur with 21st century convenience. Through shared ownership, you have a chance to experience all the luxury amenities The Crane has to offer.

Smart Investment

Besides simply saving money, you are also investing in ocean front real estate, sharing value and equity of your shared vacation residence with other owners. With Barbados’ property value increasing an average of 5% every year for the last 10 years, it’s a smart investment to make.

Less Hassle

A shared property provides less hassle than a vacation home because it’s not something you have to worry about while you’re at home working. Maintenance, upkeep, and security are all taken care of while you’re away. Find out what else is included here!

Guarantees a Vacation

Having a place to go every year isn’t only less hassle – it guarantees you actually go on your vacation every year! Through The Crane’s fractional ownership program, you are guaranteed your specific residence at a specific time of year – forever.

Travel the World Through our Exchange Program

Want to vacation in Tuscany instead? The Crane is part of RCI - the worlds largest exchange program (RCI.com) with over 4000 resorts worldwide to choose from. Simply exchange your right to use at The Crane for one year, and choose among thousands of other luxury resorts any where in the world!

The Crane is also the highest rated resort within the exchange program, offering incredible exchange value. One-week Ownership at The Crane can typically get you 2-3 weeks at another luxury resort through RCI.

Barbados Lifestyle

Arguably, the best part of fractional ownership with The Crane is being able to adopt the laidback, carefree Barbadian lifestyle. The luxury and freedom of owning a piece of the Caribbean is in your hands with The Crane’s shared ownership. Contact us for more information!