The National Pastime of Barbados: Cricket


Cricket is the national sport of Barbados and many opportunities exist on the island to experience the sport. Historically, it is believed that cricket came to the island’s elite in the eighteenth century and since then has evolved into a national pastime.

Catch a game at the famed Kensington Oval or discover the history of the sport at the Barbados Museum. You can also learn more about the players, such as Sir Garfield Sobers, at the Legends of Barbados Cricket Museum.

Sir Garfield Sobers played cricket in the 1950s and his bat can still be found in the Barbados Museum, an iconic artefact that speaks to the culture of cricket in Barbados. He is often described as one of the world’s greatest cricket players and was recognized as a National Hero of Barbados by the Cabinet in 1998.

Come to Barbados to learn more about the great sport of cricket and perhaps get a chance to participate in a friendly match!