Your Beach Day Survival Kit

A beach bag is a basic essential for any beach getaway. What do you put in it though? So much more than just sunscreen and a good read! We have you covered for your survival kit for a long, sunny day at the beach!


Sunscreen and Lip Chap

Everyone knows that sunscreen is essential for any day at the beach. Did you know that your lips could get sunburned too? It’s important to bring along a good, quality lip chap that has a high SPF in order to protect your lips!



Cleansing Wipes

For all those unexpected sticky drink spills or food brought down to the beach, cleansing wipes will come in handy more often than you would think!


Water Bottle

On the beach you’re having so much fun you can forget how dehydrated you can get in the sun! Bring along an insulated water bottle and keep a full bottle in your bag to take down to the beach!



Baby Powder

An incredible hack and a must have for every beach bag - baby power. Did you know that baby powder will effectively get unwanted sand off of your hands and skin!


A Smile!

The last and MOST essential thing to bring along to the beach is a smile and a sense of adventure! Get out there and enjoy the day!

What are your beach bag essentials? Let us know in the comment section below! When you’re ready for a beach adventure, we’re waiting.