Benefits of a Beach Vacation: Mental and Physical Rejuvenation

It is hard to imagine frowning at the thought of the warm summer weather, and the sound of waves crashing onto the shore. However, the benefits of a beach vacation may run much deeper than you think. A warm beach vacation can actually work wonders for our mental and physical health! The following are just a few of the health conscious reasons you may want to plan a getaway to a sunny beach this summer.


The Sun Provides Vitamin D, and the Beach Helps Your Skin

Exposure to sunlight provides more than just a nice tan. In fact, there are many less obvious medical benefits to frolicking at beach resorts. For one, 80 to 90 percent of your body’s Vitamin D comes from exposure to sunlight. This vitamin helps the absorption of calcium, promoting a healthy skeletal structure. A good amount of Vitamin D can also lower your blood pressure, your risk for chronic diseases such as diabetes, and most importantly, various cancers.



The sun won’t be the only thing helping you out on the beach. The sand acts as a natural exfoliant for your feet, opening up several nerve endings and helping you shed dead skin cells for healthier skin. The beach water can also help preserve your skin, due to various anti-aging materials in the water.

Keep in mind that you should still apply a responsible amount of sunscreen, as too much sun can result in burning and, in the worst-case scenario, skin cancer.

The Beach Does Wonders For Your Mental Health

Cooping yourself in a dark room for hours on end often doesn’t do well for your mental state. The beach’s endless expanse and inviting sunrays have been scientifically proven to help out with metal health issues, like depression. Higher amounts of sunlight will actually increase the amount of serotonin in your body, which will positively affect a number of mental health factors.

Additionally, a beach vacation typically tends to naturally be an unplugged one. Daily life in the modern world is often stressful, with your handheld device constantly buzzing, and e-mails and phone calls coming from every which way. Beach resorts will allow you to be free from the sensory overload of your handheld devices, which will allow you to de-stress and enjoy the beach for what it is.

Vacations on Beach Resorts are Naturally Active

A long walk on a beach is just that, a long walk. Beach activities are often sporty and active, and simply walking on the sand actually requires more effort than walking on a more solid surface. Beach sports such as volleyball, frisbee, and surfing are also fun ways to burn calories, without even knowing it!

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