MEMO: Seaweed boom in transit

To all valued guests:

Our usually pristine Crane Beach has been affected by large deposits of brown seaweed, called Sargassum. This naturally occurring phenomenon is also affecting the entire south coast of Barbados, as well as other islands in the Caribbean.

In our efforts to ensure our guests are as comfortable as possible, we have implemented several measures to lessen the impact of the seaweed:

- Guests are offered a complimentary beach shuttle service to an alternate beach when they are significant deposits of seaweed on the beach.

- Seaweed is cleared from beach by a small tractor. This is done early in the morning before the majority of guests are on the beach. Our landscaping team also assists on a daily basis.

We cannot predict when the seaweed will appear or disappear however we will continue to work assiduously to control it as far as it is humanly possible. Thank you for your patience and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


Yours sincerely,
Management, Crane Resorts


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