Take Advantage of the Benefits of Sunshine, Today!


Vitamin D: Great For Our Bones


Unlike the vast majority of other vitamins which are taken in through food, vitamin D is largely synthesized through exposure to sunlight. This vitamin does wonders for our bones, and helps our body to maintain various metabolic functions and neuromuscular transmissions. Simply put, it’s an absolute necessity.


A lack of vitamin D will result in poor bone strength, which is especially unfortunate for children, whose skeletal systems are still forming. However, adults should not neglect their Vitamin D intake either, as increased bone strength will lead to fewer falls and other issues as you age.


This is not to say that you should lay out in the sun without responsible use of sunscreen. It’s always a good idea to check with a dermatologist to confirm the right amount of sunlight you should expose yourself to.


Oddly Enough, The Sun Helps Us Sleep


Nighttime is often the part of the day most associated with good sleep, but it is exposure to the sun that can help us formulate healthy sleeping habits. Higher exposure to sunlight, which is far more potent than the indoor lights we spend more and more time in nowadays, helps our body produce serotonin. Serotonin is a hormone that, at healthy levels, results in positive moods and a more stable mental outlook.

There is also melatonin, which is produced at night. This hormone is produced nocturnally and helps us enter into sleep more easily. With more exposure to sunlight, the nocturnal melatonin production cycles come into play much sooner than a day spent cooped up in an office or in a room on your computer. You’ll be able to get much more efficient sleep after a day at a beach resort in the Caribbean, rather than a day spent plugged into devices indoors.


For this reason, it’s important to get some sun into your day to help these hormones do what they are designed to do!


Disease Prevention and Increase Happiness


Exposure to some of the types of radiation in sunlight can help your body combat various autoimmune diseases. Safe sun exposure will also help your skin get tougher, and more resistant to diseases such as melanoma and psoriasis.


The sun also helps your body produce more of that wonderful substance called endorphins, a natural opiate. These are the things that make your body feel amazing after a good, solid run. You won’t be able to feel these things using indoor light. If you want to reap the benefits mentioned above, you’ll have to expose yourself to the real deal.


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