Why you Should Visit Barbados in the Summer


The Weather Will Be Ideal For Your Vacation


December to April isconsidered the colder season in Barbados, and while summer may fall under the rainy season, the beach generally enjoys sunny and warm weather, perfect for a beach getaway. The tidal conditions are also more generous during the summer, meaning there will be more of the beach for you to relax on.


While the weather cannot be guaranteed, your odds are best for planning a vacation to Barbados during the warmer months. You’ll be able to enjoy fun in the sun as it was truly meant to be experienced, on a tropical island rich with history and culture, during the warm, inviting weather of the Barbados summer.


Carnival Season Will Be In Full Swing


In Barbados, summer is when the bands start playing. There’s no more universal love than the love of music. By planning your vacation to Barbados during the summer months, you’ll ensure that you get the most that the local musicians have to offer and be treated to the Barbados “Crop Over” festival.


The local bands’ music will hit the radio at the beginning of June and continue until August. Music lovers will be able to find the spirit present in summer festivals across the world. The spirit of kicking back, relaxing to some good tunes, and enjoying a drink with friends will be kept alive through the local Barbados scene.


Summer Specials Will Be Offered


Despite the ideal weather and the carnival, summer is not the peak tourist season for Barbados. As such, hotels and restaurants will be quieter; perfect for the romantic getaway you’ve been planning, or an escape to paradise for the entire family.


Summer specials are on offer from April through to December. Although the temperatures are warm year-round on the tropical island, these specials can certainly provide an added value for your stay in Barbados.


By taking advantage of these deals, you’ll be able to make the most out of your vacation and experience the island to the fullest.


To learn more about your summer vacation in Barbados, and to check hotel availability, please contact us. You can find all of the contact information for The Crane Resort on our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!