Sun, Sea & Sand: Why a Winter Holiday at The Crane, Barbados is the Perfect Alternative

Instead of booking that ski vacation that is the usual for so many in the winter months, switch gears this year. Put away the skis and bring out your sunglasses! While vacationing in Barbados doesn’t usually take much convincing, for those who may be skeptical, here are some really great reasons to consider both the island and The Crane:


The obvious reason is of course those long days of hot weather, and pure sunshine. The sleet, boots, shoveling snow and sub-zero temperatures will soon be forgotten while you're basking on the world-renowned Crane Beach - named "Best Caribbean Beach" by USA Today's 10Best Readers Choice 2015.Do we have you packing the sunscreen yet?


While this is usually synonymous with any sort of beach or Caribbean vacation, The Crane's brand of relaxation will serve greater purposes than you think. From lounging while enjoying a tropical cocktail in Bar 1887 or taking a slow and deliberate swim around the Historic Pool, you will be sure to return to the demands of real life complete with a fresh perspective.


The winter months can be brutal with the infection and colds they bring. But luckily for you, The Crane and it's breathtaking beach below have been known for their restorative properties for over a century! Salt water is great for a cold, and the relaxing break from stress and real life will give you the chance to rest and regain your good health. Now, that’s a reason to consider this winter holiday alternative, isn’t it?



Winter can wreak havoc on not only our immune systemsbut our bodies well. Our skin becomes dry and itchy, nails and hair become cold and brittle, and circulation slows down. Well, we recommend a visit(or two) to The Crane's Serenity Spa  –  while the salt, sea, sand, and sun will restore your hair to silky strands, our Massage Therapists will ensure that your skin will be polished and smooth. You’ll return healthy, glowing and tanned – and your colleagues won’t be able to conceal their envy.

We’re sure you’ve already started packing, but when considering your winter holiday alternative, contact us for information and support. Happy Beaching, in Barbados!