How to Enjoy a Barbados Vacation on a Budget

Barbados is known for being a luxury destination for the rich and famous, but that does not mean it isn't affordable for travelers on a budget. Here are some tips on how to save some money on your trip to Barbados.


Skip the taxi and take the bus. This is not only the least expensive option, but it exposes you to Barbadian culture and can enhance your trip. Barbados boasts of being a Caribbean island with one of the most reliable bus systems. The set bus fare is BDS $2.00 per trip. Pay attention to the routes and if you are unsure, ask a bus conductor or a local and they will gladly assist.  This will eliminate taxi fares or the fee to rent a vehicle.


On your trip, limit your fine dining and make use of your kitchen. Take a trip to the supermarket, fish market or local farmer's market and purchase your food items to prepare meals. To get a taste of local  dishes, you can grab a bite from a beach bar, food stall or food truck to purchase mouth watering foods at a fraction of the price.


Embrace the local drinks! Trade in the champagne and the cosmos for Mount Gay Rum or a Banks Beer. The island is home to several rum shops which sell bottles of rum and offer entertainment such as karaoke or live sports. Pool together with your friends and buy a bottle of rum and enjoy the karaoke and have a fabulous time! You can also purchase rum and beers and take them back home and get creative with your mixes and blends. You will have the same fun at a lower cost.


Search for specials and less costly accommodation. Most room rates given in Barbados are based on double occupancy, which means you can split the costs with someone. Junior Suites at The Crane are the perfect choice for travelers on a budget. There's no need to give up comfort and luxury on a budget.

Ready to plan your budget trip to Barbados? Book your stay at The Crane Resort and start packing!