Best Sweet Delicacies of Barbados

Popularly known for its sea and sun, Barbados is also known for its savory cuisine. In addition to a wide range of local mouthwatering dishes, Barbadians also love sweet treats. For those with a sweet tooth, here are 5 of the best sweet delicacies of Barbados.

1.) Tamarind Balls

Tamarind Balls

This sweet treat is made with tamarind fruits and cane sugar rolled into a ball. These tamarind trees can be found all over the island. The fruit itself is known to be tart or sour, but the combination with sugar and spices such as cinnamon, makes it a delectable sweet treat. Be sure to look out for the tamarind seeds, which are left in the fruit!

2.) Sugar Cakes

Barbados Sugar Cakes

Contrary to the name, sugar cakes aren't cakes at all. This Barbadian delicacy is the combination of grated coconut, sugar and spices, which is baked to make a truly delicious snack. The traditional sugar cakes were brown in colour, since they were prepared with coconut, cane sugar and molasses for its colour. Now, different colours are added to change colours and make the sugar cakes more appealing. Also, you can now find sugar cakes in different flavours such as pina colada, bay leaf and strawberry rum.

3.) Nut Cakes

Barbados Nut Cake

This is another sweet treat which is not a cake like the name suggests. This treat is prepared by combining peanuts, sugar and spices and then baking the combination in the oven. The result is absolutely delicious!

4.) Jam Puffs

Barbados Jam Puff

Jam Puffs are a traditional Barbadian sweet snack. This is a triangular pastry prepared using puff pastry with strawberry jam on the inside and a sprinkle of cane sugar at the top. This light treat is enjoyed by persons of all ages, at anytime, anywhere!

5.) Sno-Cones

Barbados Sno-Cone

Sno-Cones are cups filled with shaved ice, which are then enhanced with the beautiful colours and flavours of syrups of your choice. Flavours include orange, pineapple, cherry, coconut, ginger and many more. Adding condensed milk is also a tasty option. These are sold by vendors riding bicycles with an umbrella and an icebox attached. They usually also have a bell or horn of some sort to alert of their arrival. This is a wonderful cooling treat for a warm day.

These sweet treats are a delicious taste into the culture of Barbados. Most of these items can be found in the island's supermarkets or gas stations. Book your stay at The Crane Resort for your visit to Barbados and taste these sweet treats and let us know how much you enjoyed them!