Wedding Dress Recommendations for a Beach Wedding

Choosing a wedding dress for your big day can be a beautiful, but stressful event in a bride-to-be’s life. To help in your choosing and planning, The Crane has shared six tips on choosing the perfect dress for a beach wedding.

Use the Location as Inspiration

It is important to choose a dress which complements or is inspired by the beach venue which you have chosen. Take into consideration features such as the ocean breezes, the colour of the sand, the flora, cliffs and so on. By combining features of the location with your personal style, you will be well on your way to choosing a beautiful beach wedding dress.

Fabric Choice

A beach wedding means you should probably be prepared for warm weather and beautiful sunshine. Since you should be comfortable during your wedding, you should not have to worry about over heating half way through the service. To avoid this, opt for light, breathable and flowing fabrics which will allow you to be cooled by the light ocean breezes. Lighter fabrics which can be considered include linen, cotton, chiffon and charmeuse, among others. Keep in mind that certain fabrics such as lace, may pick up debris from the sand.


The colour of your beach wedding dress is important. Most brides stick to the conventional white dress, however for those who don’t, it is important to keep the venue in mind. Dark colours tend to make persons hot in warm climates. As such, it is recommended that you choose a light or bright colour for your beach wedding dress and for your bridal party, if any.

Length and Style

Beach weddings tend to be more relaxed and have less of a formal feel than traditional indoor weddings. The style of your dress should reflect this. Choose a more casual dress which is beautiful and flowing to look fashionable in the outdoor beach venue. Even if you decide on a long flowing wedding look, ensure that the dress doesn’t fit below the ankles as you might risk tripping over while going down the aisle.


Everything must be perfect on your big day, so you should plan all the small details in advance. You may need to transport your dress by plane (for a destination wedding) or by a vehicle. Considering the chosen material and style, you should plan on how to transport your dress in a manner which does not cause excessive wrinkling or any other damage to the dress.


Though not part of the dress, shoes complement the chosen beach wedding dress. Remember that heels and sand don’t go together. Choose a pair of trendy sandals to complete your dream look. Some brides even choose to embrace the beach and the sand and wear no shoes!

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