Travel Trend: Baecations

Vacations are always time to relax, unwind and get away from your normal routine. When vacationing with family and/or friends, we create memories to last forever. One type of vacation which might be the most memorable for adults is one termed a “baecation”. These days, your significant other is referred to as “bae” (before anyone else) and so a getaway with this person was coined a baecation.

There are many reasons you might choose this getaway and The Crane has put together 6 things to do to help you fully enjoy this experience.

Plan Ahead

Pick a place that you’re both interested in going. Depending on if you plan to travel out of the country or to another city, look for flight specials, buses or a map of the route to your destination. It is important to properly plans things, so that your romantic getaway would be off to a good, organized start.

Be Adventurous

On a baecation it is key to create new memories with your partner so don’t be afraid to be adventurous! Try activities such a hiking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, eating a new dish or whatever adventures your destination offers. Laugh and enjoy these activities and this overall experience with your partner.

Pack for Romance

It should go without saying that a trip with your partner will include romance. Romance is important for any relationship. When you’re packing, remember to through in something cute to wear and maybe your favourite scented candles. A pre-planned playlist with your favourite music is also a good idea.

Go on a Romantic Dinner Date

Make reservations at a fancy restaurant and take time to dress up and look your best for a date night. Enjoy this special night in the company of your partner and don’t forget to order a bottle of wine.

Take Many Photos

This getaway is to rekindle romance and intimacy, but during your experience, be sure to take many photos to document your baecation. You will be happy to look back at these later and relive the lovely memories.

Limit Electronic Distractions

During this technological age, this might seem a bit challenging, but to truly getaway and enjoy your partner, you should make an effort to limit distractions, unless it is absolutely important. Your focus during this trip should be on your partner and nothing else.

Are you ready to start planning a much needed baecation with your significant other? Book your stay at The Crane Resort and we would be happy to help you make this an unforgettable experience for you.