Best Hiking Trails

While on your vacation to Barbados, one of the best ways to explore the history, flora and fauna of the island and to meet the islanders is to go hiking!

 Bathsheba Hiking Trail

This hike begins at the Hackleton's Cliff Forest and ends at Bathsheba. From the cliff, hikers follow a trail to Joe's River Tenantry Village where authentic Barbadian chattel houses, Barbadian black belly sheep and trees such as breadfruit trees can be seen. After taking in these sights, the hike continues to Joe's River, which is a path which drains the rain water from the hills. This river is seasonal and is dependent on rainfall. Hikers then proceed to Bathsheba Soup Bowl, which is a surfers paradise. Continuing the trail, the hike ends at the breath taking Bathsheba, where old railways can be seen, along with picturesque views of the coast.

Hikers should prepare to go downhill for this hike and also be prepared for rocky paths, grass and eventually sand on the beach.

Farley Hill National Park to Morgan Lewis

Beginning at Farley Hill National Park, hikers view the Great House ruins in the park and then proceed to hike past The Wild Life Reserve, where there is a possibility to spot the green monkeys, native to Barbados, in their natural habitat. Hikers then make their way to St. Nicholas Abbey, a plantation great house rich in Barbadian history and culture. Upon leaving St. Nicholas Abbey, the hike continues to the picturesque Cherry Tree Hill. Hikers would then descend Cherry Tree Hill  to Morgan Lewis Mill, the last of the windmills left in Barbados. After leaving the windmill, the trail ends at Hoad's Dairy Farm.

This is a perfect for a family as the trail is mainly flat. Some cart road and foot paths should also be expected.

Andrew's Sugar Factory to Wilson Hill Village

The hike begins at Andrew's Sugar Factory which was one of the last functional sugar factories in Barbados. The hike moves along cart roads to Redland Farms, which is rich in Barbadian history and then hikers make their way into a gully and then up an incline to Wilson Hill Village via Claybury Village. Wilson Hill is known for its community initiatives and is a good taste of Bajan life.

This trail is mostly flat, although there are some inclines along the way. Hikers should expect cart roads, grass and rocky paths.

Hiking can be a beautiful family bonding experience. It also teaches more about Barbados and its rich culture, in addition to being a great source of exercise! Email us at to start planning your hike!