Best Boat Trips and Cruises in Barbados

While planning your activities for your vacations in Barbados, you will find that there is so much to do. While on the island, one activity which you must experience is a boat trip or cruise, to discover the reefs and swim with the turtles and fish. The Crane Concierge has compiled a list of suggested boat trips and cruises to assist you in your planning.

Black Pearl Party Cruises aboard the Jolly Roger

Black Pearl Cruises are party cruises intended to be fun filled adventures. They promise memories and friendships to last a lifetime. The scheduled cruises include The Ultimate Snorkel Tour, Jolly Roger Lunch Cruise and Dinner Cruise & Show.


Bolador's catamaran was designed and built in Barbados and is noted as one of the fastest charter catamarans in Barbados. The offered cruises include a 5 Hour Catamaran Lunch Cruise, 3 Hour Catamaran Cruise, which is a drinks only cruise and Private Charters.


Calabaza is a relaxing, spacious, luxury catamaran which limits its numbers to 12 for the comfort of the passengers. The offered cruises include Lunch Cruises, Sunset Cruises and Private Cruises.

Cool Runnings Catamaran Cruises

Cool Runnings Catamaran Cruises was voted as the 2nd Most Popular Attraction by the Zagat Survey and was deemed the 'Rolls-Royce of catamaran excursions'. The offered cruises include Day Cruises, Sunset Cruises and Private Cruises.

El Tigre

El Tigre was built specifically for performance, stability and comfort. The catamaran has the capacity to hold 50 persons but the numbers are limited to 36 to ensure the comfort of all passengers. Cruises include 5 Hour Turtle & Shipwreck with Lunch, 3 Hour Turtle and Shipwreck Cruise, 3 Hour Sunset Turtle & Shipwreck Cruise and Private Excursions.

Good Times Catamaran Cruises

Good Times is a luxurious 42 ft catamaran. There are a range of water sport activities on offer. The cruises available are the Adventure Cruise, Lunch Snorkel Cruise, Sunset Champagne Cruise and Private Cruises.

Jammin' Catamaran Cruises

Jammin' is one the newest additions to the recreational cruising catamarans in Barbados. On board the 63 ft craft, they boast that they have 'all the ingredients necessary for a fun day in the sun!' The offered all inclusive cruises include the Sun Blast Cruise and Twilight Cruise. Private Cruises are also offered.

R & R Luxury Catamaran

R & R Catamaran was built in South Africa. It offers lots of shade in the seating area and space for the persons who love the sun at the front. Four fully air-conditioned double cabins are can also be found on this boat. The offered cruises include the Lunch Cruise, Sunset Cruise, Dinner Cruise and Private Charters.

Silver Moon Catamaran

Silver Moon Catamaran is a luxury catamaran owned by seasoned voyagers of Barbados' waters. The cruise boasts of being 'so sublime, it becomes an annual tradition for many who've sailed.' The offered cruises include The Deluxe Cruise with a maximum of 12 guests and The Exclusive Cruise with a maximum of 24 guests.

Tiami Catamaran Cruises

Tiami Catamaran Cruises has a of fleet five catamarans. They boast of having  friendly staff, experienced crew, mouthwatering dishes and fully stocked bars. Offered packages include Tiami Luxury Lunch Cruise, Tiami Turtles at Sunset, Tiami Afternoon Delight and Private Charters.

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