What to Expect During Your Christmas Vacation in Barbados

Christmas in Barbados is a highly anticipated time of year. Locals make their festive preparations and visitors flock to  the island to escape winter. Here's a list of things to expect on your Christmas vacation in Barbados.


Because of its location, Barbados does not experience the 4 seasons. It is typically the sunny all  year round! So, for your Christmas trip, be sure to have sun block handy and be ready to get your tan on while sipping your beverage of choice.


Continuing from the Independence celebrations in November, many businesses and homes are festively decorated for the holidays. Bridgetown, the capital of the island is adorn by beautiful lights, as well as all of the island's roundabouts. A drive around the island to see the lights is a must.

Christmas Music

Nothing adds to the festive Christmas feeling like Christmas music. The local radio stations will be blazing well known international music such as Mariah Carey, as well as Caribbean Christmas music with infectious rhythms. A sample one of the favourite songs is below:



On the actual Christmas Day, the tradition is for the locals of Barbados to go  to church for Midnight Mass or Christmas Morning Service. Following the church services, persons head to Queens Park in Bridgetown to meet up with friends and family and spread festive cheer. Persons are usually dressed to impressed and it is always a beautiful spectacle in the Park.

Food & Drinks

There is food in abundance in Barbados during the Christmas season. Local Christmas delicacies such as great cake and jug jug will be found on menus around the island, along with ham and turkey and all the other traditional Christmas delicacies. Also, look out for lots of rum and beers! On Christmas day, restaurants such as L'Azure at The Crane Resort offer sumptuous Christmas menus including Breakfast, Buffet Lunch and Dinner to give you a special taste of Barbados.

Interested in experiencing a Barbados Christmas? Book your stay with The Crane Resort and pack your bags. Don't forget your sun block!