What to Drink in Barbados - Top 5 Drinks

Barbados is known for its foods and is often referred to as 'The Culinary Capital of the Caribbean'. While the dishes are all sumptuous, there are also some drinks you must try on your trip to Barbados! Here is a list of 5 drinks which you should try.

Mauby Drink

This beverage is a favourite among locals. Traditionally, mauby was made using actual mauby bark but there is now a mauby syrup which just requires you to add water, making  the process quick and easy.  A tall glass of mauby topped with ice and an orange slice is the ultimate thirst quencher on a warm day.

Coconut Water

Temperatures are usually warm all year round in Barbados and nothing is as refreshing as coconut water on a hot day. Coconut trees can be seen all over the island making it easy to get the water. On a drive along the country's highways, you will be sure to see many coconut vendors. They not only sell the fresh water,  but also the yummy soft jelly found inside the coconuts, for a healthy treat. On beach days, you can find coconut vendors on the beaches, where you can drink the water directly from the coconut. You can find this at beautiful Crane Beach.

Golden Apple Juice

Made from the local golden apple fruit (otherwise known as the June plum), this juice is a tasty complement to any meal.  As the fruit is seasonal, so is the juice, but if you are in Barbados during September to December, be sure to try it!

Banks Beer

Banks Beer is a locally produced, award-winning brew and is the beer of choice on the island. The versatile beverage  can be consumed with meals, to quench thirst, to cool down on a warm day and when socialising.  As the locals say  - 'Nothing beats an ice cold Banks!'


Barbados is hailed as the birthplace of rum. No Barbados holiday is complete unless you have had some of the finest rums in the world. Book a tour at Mount Gay or Foursquare Distillery and learn all about the rum and take part in rum tours and tastings. Also, you can pair rum with a meal or consume as a beverage when socialising. Try different variations such as rum punch from The Crane Resort. Have fun enjoying the world's oldest rums!

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