Tips on Organizing a Group Vacation

Group travel is exciting since you get to see new places, experience new things and cultures and meet new people with a group of persons you appreciate. To help with your planning, The Crane has put together a list of 5 tips to consider when organizing your group vacation.

Pick the Right Friends and/or Family

Since travel would cause you to be surrounded by these persons for most of the trip, it is vital to choose companions who you find are easy to get along with. You might be friends with someone for a long time but have never spent extended periods of time with them in the same space. You will all be learning new things about each other, some of which may annoy you or be one of your pet peeves. This is why choosing the correct persons is paramount for this type of travel.


As soon as you have decided on your companions, it is essential to discuss and decide on a budget. This is not a comfortable subject for many people but if everyone discusses their expectations in advance, it could avoid any conflict later. Always consider that since everyone has different incomes and expenses, what is affordable to one person, might not be for someone else. To accommodate everyone, consider staying close to the range of the lowest budget.

Pick a Location

The location should be chosen based on the discussed budgets and the interests of everyone in the group. Good communication is important for this step, to ensure that everyone is satisfied with the final decision. Consider creating a group chat for conversation in one forum instead of e-mails, which take longer and you can lose track of the direction of the conversation.

Spread the Duties

With budget and location chosen, spread planning duties throughout the group. Consider having persons who plan and persons who execute the plans. Search for deals on airfare and accommodation and begin researching and planning any activities for the group. Communication is also extremely vital in this step. It is important to respect every individual’s needs. After detailed research and everyone is in agreement, begin the group bookings. When everything is organized, create an itinerary so that everyone is on the same page.


Enjoy the company of your friends and/or family and enjoy new scenery and experiences. Remember, the only person you can control on your vacation is you. Compromise and good communication will be vital to having an enjoyable experience. You will quickly notice that group travel can create some unbreakable bonds.

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