Picturesque Spots in Barbados

Barbados is filled with diverse landscapes and many Instagram worthy locations. Here is a quick list of locations you should be sure to check out if you are looking to fill your scrapbook or your social media page with vacation photos to make your friends drool.

Cove Bay



Located in the North of the island, Cove Bay is off the beaten path and sits on the edge of a cliff. The beautiful hills, cliff side ocean views and palm tree avenues make this spot a must see. Take a beautiful shot in the palm trees or lay in the grass. Cove Bay is also an amazing spot for a picnic. Be mindful of the cows!




Historic Speightstown




While you’re in the North of the island, take a stroll through Speighstown, the second biggest town on island and witness its beautiful history. The colourful colonial architecture is still present and makes the best backdrops for your travel selfies. The Speighstown Mural “Trompe L’oeil” was done by artists John Pugh, Annie Pugh and Don Small. The mural sits above a beautiful white sand beach and could not be any prettier!




Animal Flower Cave




The island's only accessible sea cave gets its name from the sea anemones that are found in the pools of the cave. Take the coral steps down to the pools and prepared to be blown away... Literally. If the waves are high enough, they come through the formations in the rock! Some of these pools are deep enough to swim in, so be sure to grab your bikini and your camera and snap silhouette shots in the cave formations or laying in the serene pools.


Downtown Bridgetown


From the swinging bridge to the beautiful waterfront, Bridgetown has much to offer. The boardwalk is a lovely stretch accented with catamarans and stores. The Chamberlain Bridge allows boats to pass in and out of the Careenage! The bridge and the surrounding areas, Independence Square and Trafalgar Square, are filled with murals of the Barbadian National Heroes and Arches. Swinging bridge videos and historic travel photos? Check ✔



St Nicholas Abbey



350 years of beauty and history. St Nicholas Abbey is one of the most beloved spots on the island. The great house has stood there since 1658 and still maintains it's grandeur. Be sure to take your photos before you taste their 15-year aged rum! Their Heritage Railway is a newer feature of the experience. The narrated tour takes you around the property and gives you are breathtaking view of the east coast. 


Cherry Tree Hill


At 850 feet above sea level, this mahogany and sugar cane lined road was bound to make the list. The area was once covered in cherry trees and is a part of the beautiful St Nicholas Abbey Plantation. Cherry Tree Hill overlooks the Scotland District and its a great place to take a picture with the east coast of Barbados.

Cherry Tree Hill 2


Crane Beach




We had to include this one!  As far as beaches go, Crane Beach is torn straight from a travel magazine. With fine pink sand and palm trees to share, the photo opportunities are endless. Lay on the sand and relish in the splendor of one of the island's most famous beaches.





We have only scratched the surface of beautiful spots in Barbados. There are countless more to explore, but this guide is a great place to start. Be sure to take as many photos as you can!  Visit  The Crane for information on booking a suite with the best views on the island.