Understanding Fractional Ownership at The Crane

Barbados continues to be a destination of choice for many travellers and investors seeking an opportunity to diversify their portfolios. The Crane Residential Resort offers ownership opportunities through its Fractional Ownership programme.

What is Fractional Ownership?

This is simply the ability to purchase shares in a valuable asset. In this context the shares would be represented by weeks and the valuable asset, the splendidly appointed Residences at The Crane.

Each fraction entitles the owner to a  fixed ownership of specific weeks in a specific residence every year in perpetuity.

What are some of the Benefits of Fractional Ownership?

At the Crane, we have designed our program based on the seven key principles identified below:

  1. The World’s Premier Fractional Resort
  2. Security of Investment
  3. Exceptional Purchase Value
  4. Ultimate Flexibility for Vacation Use
  5. Ongoing Cost Efficiencies
  6. Proven Rental Pool Revenue
  7. Real Capital Appreciation

Contact Information

For more information, please contact our Property Sales office and speak with one of our Ownership Representatives who will be more than happy to discuss our ownership opportunities and any questions you may have.

Telephone: (246) 423-6220         Email: property@thecrane.com

Should you have the lovely opportunity to visit Barbados, why not pay us a visit at The Crane’s Sales outlets in the Cave Shepherd department stores across the island. Alternatively, you may visit us at The Crane where one of our knowledgeable Ownership Representatives will provide you with a tour of the property.